Whistle Bend Continuing Care Facility

  • Whistle Bend continuing care facility

  • pilings getting set up at Whistle Bend

  • early construction at Whistle bend

  • whistle bend continuing care facility

  • whistle bend construction

  • Whistle bend overview

  • Whistle bend continuing care facility early construction

  • Whistle bend continuing care facility overhead

About This Project

Underhill was contracted by PCL to assist in building a $150 million Continuing Care Facility in Whitehorse, Yukon. The Continuing Care Facility provides 150 beds to serve the demand of the fast-growing population in Yukon. Underhill was present from beginning of the project to the end of construction.

This surveying project included the following services:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Volume computations
  • Building foundations ,walls ,columns, grids, Base plates and bolts layout
  • Electrical and plumbing layout,
  • Plumb as built
  • Monitoring survey
  • Civil layout, gutters, sidewalks, parking and roads