Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel

  • Second Narrows Water Tunnel Monitoring

  • Total Station Monitoring

  • Second Narrows Water Tunnel

  • Lowering monitoring equipment into the water tunnel

  • Monitoring station at the water tunnel

  • North Vancouver Water Tunnel

  • Equipment beside the North Vancouver Water Tunnel

  • Looking down the tunnel

  • Data readout showing displacement data

Services & Technologies
Civil Construction, Vancouver Office
About This Project
Our client, McMillen Jacobs Associates, asked us to mobilize a full-time real-time total station to monitor the shaft walls during a period where a massive crane was lifting the TBM (tunnel boring machine) into the north tunnel shaft on the Second Narrows Water Tunnel Project. Several of our senior members installed and measured a precise network of prisms, networked and installed the total station, and established the remote monitoring program using the NavStar GeoExplorer platform ( – all in less than two weeks. Once up and running, we operated the total station remotely and attended the site during the big lift. Our team recorded results better than 3mm, and it continued to run 24/7 for a two-week period.