Deformation Monitoring

Underhill is a leader in settlement, movement, and deformation monitoring surveys.

Engineering and construction firms across Western Canada look to Underhill to provide critical monitoring services, from periodic to real-time continuous observations.

Underhill supports any and all deformation monitoring projects:

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Slope stability monitoring
  • Preload settlement
  • Construction excavation
  • Periodic movement monitoring – daily, weekly, monthly or annually
  • 1D, 2D or 3D monitoring
  • Rapid deployment for emergencies

We use the latest technologies and software:

Engineered structures continually undergo changes in form due to the stresses placed upon them.

Built infrastructure is designed to withstand a wide spectrum of stresses introduced by load bearing and other environmental conditions over its lifetime. Continuous stress will deform any material. These changes may be minute and relatively undetectable, but they are important to understand to assist with preventative maintenance and avoid catastrophe. Monitoring is especially important during construction, when supporting structures may not be completed and there are movements of equipment and materials that may challenge the final design tolerances.

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