BOMA and Lease Surveys

Underhill’s land surveyors have decades of experience in delivering lease surveys and BOMA surveys.

We work with our clients to understand and produce deliverables that are appropriate to the project.

We use the latest technologies and software:

Examples of Underhill’s lease survey services:

  • Certified building lease surveys
  • Surveys to BOMA standards as requested
  • Registered lease plans

Whether it be for commercial, industrial or residential use, the areas covered by tenancy agreements need to be independently validated.

The measurement standards typically used to define lease surveys are defined by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). Measurement standards ensure consistency and accuracy in the valuation of buildings that are of the same type. Consistent information can minimize landlord-tenant disputes and help plan for property renovations. 

It is important that the certified surveyor undertaking these measurements has a deep understanding of the details of any standard, how it is applied and its effect upon the measurement reports on the buildings that they work on.

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