Reality Capture & 3D Laser Scanning

Underhill is a leader in 3D laser scanning and reality capture

Since 2007 Underhill has continuously operated multiple 3D laser scanners from manufacturers such as Trimble, Faro, and Leica Geosystems.  We work with our clients to understand their needs and produce deliverables that they can utilize appropriately.

We use the latest technologies and software:

  • UAVs and USVs
  • 360-degree cameras
  • Mobile and aerial lidar
  • Matterport
  • Leica, Trimble, and Faro scanners & processing software
  • Revit, Microstation, Pix4D, Agisoft, Cyclone, TopoDot, Nubigon, Civil 3D

Examples of Underhill’s 3D laser scanning and reality capture services:

  • Construction documentation and progress reporting
  • Virtual tours
  • Multi-format point clouds
  • Point cloud manipulation and data extraction
  • Heritage documentation and building facades
  • 3D data for building information modeling (BIM)
  • Digital as-built models for clash detection and verification
  • Reverse engineering
  • Scanning support for film industry (for modeling and CGI)
  • Building facades, interior detail, and structural as-built surveys
  • Industrial plant modeling
  • Geotechnical and forestry analysis
  • Topographic surveying


Reality capture refers to the use of various sensors such as cameras or 3D laser scanners to capture a digital 3D representation of a subject in the environment.

The value of 3D laser scanned data is in its snap shot of current conditions. Detailed as-built 3D models can be captured using 3D laser scanners to provide the highest resolution of measurable detail to an engineering project. Volumetric measurements of stockpiles can be measured using photogrammetry from UAV-mounted cameras. Alternatively, 360-degree photography may be used to capture complete and accountable visual records of the state of a construction site. Regardless of the type, resolution or accuracy of the reality capture data, these models are used to drive planning processes, provide inputs into decision making, record project milestones and enable risk to be assessed in the most realistic manner possible.

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