First Nations Surveys

Underhill has an extensive history working with First Nations throughout British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Our partnerships with First Nationextend further than just land claims; we have a deep respect and have built lasting relationships with our Indigenous clients. We currently work with various First Nations clients on various land claim and development projects in British Columbia and the Northern Territories.

First Nations Land Claims

We continue to be a trusted resource with an unparalleled reputation for First Nations Land Claims surveys in Canada.

First Nations Partnerships

One example of Underhill’s partnership with First Nations is our work with the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation and Victoria Gold on the Eagle Gold Mine. The Eagle Gold project is located 45 km north of the community of Mayo, Yukon, known as Dublin Gulch. The project is located on the traditional territory of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation. Learn more about the Eagle Gold project here.

Historic First Nations Land Claims

Some links to historic land claim projects Underhill has worked on in the North over the past fifty years:

Since the 80s Underhill has been the surveyor of choice for many ground-breaking First Nations Land Claims surveys.

Underhill has been, and continues to be, very active in the survey and demarcation of the boundaries of the various Indigenous claims. We have an unparalleled record in the performance of First Nations Land Claims surveys in Canada. Learn more about the treaties process on the Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada website.

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