Aerial Surveys

Underhill has the expertise to produce and process all types of aerial survey data.

Underhill’s technical team has the skills, software and experience to produce a full range of mapping products. Our team uses the latest aerial and mobile technologies to provide detailed and accurate data.

We use the latest technologies and software:

Examples of Underhill’s aerial services:

  • Current state and progress reporting
  • Transportation access maps
  • Point clouds and 3D models generated from aerial survey
  • Topographic maps and surface models
  • Volumes and quantities
  • High resolution video fly throughs

Aerial survey has been widely used for survey and mapping for over a century.

Aerial photogrammetry is still the most widely used method for surveying large areas today. 

Most national mapping agencies still maintain their topographic maps using aerial photography. Across Canada, where natural resources are so important to the economy, forestry inventories are typically maintained using aerial photography or airborne laser scanning (lidar). Mining exploration commonly relies on aerial photography, airborne geophysical surveys and lidar to analyze the landscape.

Since 2012, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for mapping, filming and other applications has grown exponentially. Deployed where the size of survey area or frequency of survey would be uneconomic to use a manned aircraft UAV typical applications now include producing maps for land development projects or reporting volumes of stockpiles.

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