School District 44 – North Vancouver

  • Barlmoral High School 1960

  • North Vancouver Queen Mary

  • Topographic survey of Block 258

  • Ridgeway Elementary Plan

  • Queen Mary Site Plan

  • Geographic view of Ridgeway Elementary

  • Elevation of Queen Mary Elementary

  • Queen Mary Elementary

About This Project

Underhill has been working with the North Vancouver School District (SD#44) for over 50 years. In the 1950s and 60s, Underhill performed topographic and legal surveys of all of the North Vancouver school sites. Most recently these have included the following:

Ridgeway Elementary School

Ridgeway School is a heritage building built in the early 1900s. DA Architects of Vancouver commissioned Underhill to conduct a building extents survey of the entire building facade. Underhill used a Trimble GX 3D scanner to complete the survey. The scan produced a complete rendering of the school exterior in detail that would not be possible using conventional survey techniques. Eleven million points were collected, and the 3D data was used to produce 2D elevation views, vertical and horizontal cross-sections and details of individual areas of interest. The point cloud also produced an accurate and complete record of the school conditions for any future reference needed.

Queen Mary Elementary School

After the successful 3D scanner–based survey of Ridgeway School, SD#44 decided to use scanning for a similar project at Queen Mary Elementary School. The project scope was similar to that at Ridgeway Elementary.

Carson Graham Senior Secondary School

Underhill has performed numerous topographic, legal and construction surveys in support of the expansion and revitalization of this school.

Paradise Valley Outdoor School

Underhill has performed numerous topographic, legal and construction related surveys in support of the development of facilities at this site.