Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • Track installation and topgraphic survey, Neptune Terminals, 2005.

  • 3D rendering Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • Construction layout and as-built surveys at Neptuen Terminals, N.Van. 2011.

  • Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • Outdoors Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • As-built survey of structural steel at Neptune Terminals, 2006.

  • Real-time kinematic GPS surveu of topography at Neptune Terminals, N.Van., 2006.

  • During topographic survey of Neptune Terminals, N.Van., 2006.

  • Topgraphic, geometry, layout, and as-built of tracks at Neptune Terminals, N.Van., 2008.

  • Track surveys at Neptune Terminals, 2008.

  • J. Cormier posing during the 3D Laser scan of the U-Sea Bulk carrier at Neptune Terminals, 2011.

  • J. Cormier with Faro Focus3D during lase scanning of bulk carrier

  • Neptune Bulk Terminals

  • C. El-Araj with Faro Focus3D laser scanner during survey of bulk carrier. Neptune Terminals 2011.

  • 3D Laser scanning of bulk carrier ship. Neptune Terminals, 2011.

  • The U-Sea Bulk carrier at Neptune Terminals during 3D Laser scan of deck openings, 2011.

About This Project

Neptune Bulk Terminals, North Vancouver, is one of Canada’s largest multi-product bulk terminals, shipping coal, potash and vegetable oil. It handles over five percent of Canada’s total offshore exports.

Underhill Geomatics Ltd. has been supplying professional survey services to Neptune Bulk Terminals since 2005. This ongoing project includes:

  • Installation of a precise geodetic control network, with ties to the Provincial Active Control system, with the relationship to a number of historic datums
  • Precise engineering as-built surveys of conveyor systems, rail car indexers, rail car dumpers, and ship loading facilities
  • Geometric rail alignment design for the new Track 7 and the South Yard reconfiguration
  • Extensive topographic surveys of the existing infrastructures and rail lines
  • Construction layout of the new conveyor system and rail lines
  • CAD compilation of the existing base maps into the project coordinate system
  • 3D laser scanning of various bulk product vessels for capacity analysis

We continue to provide services on an “as needed” basis, supplying information to the owners and numerous consultants and contractors.

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