Westshore Terminals

  • Stacker-reclaimer slew bearing flatness as-built survey, Westshore, Delta, 2009

  • Measuring the flatness of the slew bearing with Leica DNA-03, 2009

  • Measuring the slew bearing flatness with Leica DNA-03, 2009

  • Precise alignment survey for new rotary coal car dumper, 2008

  • As-built survey of coal car dumper ring, 2008

  • New rotary coal car dumper barrel assembly, 2008

  • Measurements for the stacker-reclaimer boom mast stay angle survey, 2009

  • On the stacker-reclaimer rail alignment survey, 2009

  • On the stacker reclaimer rail alignment survey, 2009

  • Measuring on the stacker-reclaimer rail alignment survey, 2009

  • During as-built survey of damaged ship berth. Westshore Terminals, 2003.

  • Part of shiploader during as-built survey of damaged ship berth, 2003.

  • During as-built survey of damaged ship berth, 2003.

  • Working to remove the damaged ship berth, 2003.

About This Project

Westshore Terminals is Canada’s largest exporter of coal, with exports exceeding all other terminals combined. Since 2000, Westshore has been the most active single export coal terminal in all of North America. Underhill has provided survey services on this site at Roberts Bank, Delta, BC, for more than 30 years. These surveys have included:

  • Stacker-reclaimer rail alignment surveys
  • Stacker-reclaimer boom mast stay angle measurement
  • Stacker-reclaimer precise slew bearing flatness surveys
  • Berth as-built surveys
  • Shiploader as-built surveys
  • Rotary coal car dumper as-built and alignment surveys
  • Conveyor systems as-built and construction surveys
  • Horizontal and vertical control surveys
  • Various other construction surveys

We continue to provide services as needed, supplying information to the owners and numerous consultants and contractors.

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