Gwich’in Comprehensive Agreement Survey

  • Gwich'in Settlement Region, NWT. From

About This Project

The Claim

The Gwich’in Land Claim is located in the Mackenzie River Valley, NT. Agreement in principle was reached in July of 1991. In exchange for ceding, releasing and surrendering to Canada all of their Aboriginal claims, rights, title and interests, the Agreement provides the Gwitch’in with:

  • Title to 22,422km2 (8,657 sq. mi.) of land in the Northwest Territories
  • Title to 1554km2 (600 sq. mi.) of land in the Yukon Territory
  • Joint management (with Canada) for land use, wildlife, environmental assessment, and water regulation
  • Wildlife harvesting rights
  • Financial compensation of $75 million to be paid over 15 years
  • A share of annual western NWT resource royalties[49]

The Survey

UGL completed six contracts to survey the boundary of this claim from 1993 to 1995.