CBC Building Redevelopment

  • CBC Vancouver with newsroom addition and TV Towers.

  • Surveying the exterior of the CBC Building, Vancouver.

  • Surveying pillars at the CBC building, Vancouver.

  • Part of a plan of geodetic lines of sight for microwave antenna shot from CBC Vancouver to Mt. Seymour.

  • Part of an interior detail plan for the CBC Building, Vancouver.

  • Part of the topographic survey plan of the CBC property, Vancouver.

  • Part of a reflected ceiling plan for the CBC Building, Vancouver.

About This Project

During the planning stages of CBC’s 2009 building redevelopment project, Underhill was asked to provide legal (air space) and topographic surveys. We also conducted detailed as-built surveys of both the interior and exterior of the existing building for HBBH Architects during the design phase. During the construction phase, Underhill provided engineering and layout surveys for Scott Construction and other sub-contractors. A number of registered lease surveys were prepared for commercial tenants. A geodetic survey was performed to determine where rooftop microwave antennas would be best located for line-of-sight to CBC’s Mount Seymour antenna. Current and future buildings, such as the Woodwards Tower, had to be included in the analysis.

This downtown Vancouver BC surveying project included:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Legal surveys
  • Engineering surveys
  • Layout and lease surveys
  • Geodetic surveying