updated: 21-Sep-2010

 Copan for Windows

Program Settings

There are various general settings which control program behavior. All of these are optional choices you can make.

To Change General Program Settings

From the Program menu, choose Settings, then General.

  1. Either Program | Settings... | General...
    Or click the Program Settings... or Settings... button from within any module that has one.

Misc. Settings

  1. Enter up to three lines of a Company name and enter a Surveyor (or user) name.
  2. Check Include in each listing for the Company or Surveyor name to be listed at the head of the Info Display File each time it is created.

Logistic Settings

  1. Check Auto create project folder for new coordfile to have a folder created for each new § Coordinate File created.
  2. Check Always initialize filter to All Points to have all points selected each time you close a dialog (as opposed to having the current § Filter remain in effect).
  3. Check Auto copy auxiliary files to new project folder to have the contents of the Auxiliary Folder copied to the Project Folder, automatically, each time a new coordfile is created.
  4. Check Ignore filter when viewing points to always see all points in the display window, even when a § Filter is in effect.
  5. Check Auto export coordfiles to Ascii on closing to have a coordinate file exported to a text file, automatically, each time it is closed, and if so, choose its format, decimals precision and its file name extension.
  6. Choose the Tool for displaying § Info Display Files:

Geomatic Settings

  1. Choose the number of Distance decimals to list/display to set the precision of listed or displayed distances and coordinates, and likewise for Area decimals.
  2. Choose the Angle Units to use: and the Seconds or Angle decimals to list/display.
  3. Choose whether whole-circle Bearings are:
  4. Choose whether Bearings should be listed/displayed in Quadrant form. Even if you choose the default whole-circle form, you may still use the quadrant form for input (see § Bearing Expressions).
  5. Choose the various Tolerances for Field and Map Traverses and Map Checks. (See § Traverse Processing).

Other Settings

  1. Change other settings, via buttons at bottom, as desired: File Locations... (see § File Locations) and Viewing & Printing Options... (see § Viewing or Printing Graphics).


  1. Click OK.

There are various settings which control Copan's general behavior.
They are grouped into three categories: miscellaneous, logistic, and geomatic.

For your information, those and other user settings are stored in the User Settings Folder, which you usually needn't concern yourself with, except possibly when copying settings to or from another user or computer.

updated: 21-Sep-2010