More HP-42S Programs — a COGO (traverse, inverse, and intersections) program that can read/write coordinates from either the NC & EC arrays in Free42, or from Copan .pts files. Submitted by: Frank Taki. — a program, originally written for the HP-41, to check legal survey plans. Computes misclosures, precisions, and area by DMD. Submitted by: Ivan Royan. — a program, originally written for the HP-41, to solve a 3-point resection, Author: unknown. — a COGO program that includes curve calculations. Obtained through Legal Surveys Division of Natural Resources Canada in 1991. Authors: Steve Hoerburger & Ted Eaton? — a program to convert UTM to Geographic and Geographic to UTM. Also computes: scale factors, and convergence. Coordinates can be entered manually or accessed through Copan .pts files. Submitted by: Chris Cryderman. — computes, by variation of coordinates, the coordinates of a point fixed by: resection, intersection, or distance, or any combination of these methods. Author: unknown.

Thomas Okken's page has a number of interesting programs, including

  • Triangle.raw — solves triangles. Nice use of menus
  • Convert.raw — various unit conversions (length, area, volume, temperature, pressure, etc.). Again, nice use of menus.

Manuals for the HP-42S are avaialable from the Museum of HP Calculators. Of particular interest are the Original HP Manual (hp42s.pdf at the Museum), and the Programming Examples and Techniques Manual (hp42sprg.pdf at the Museum).