Free42 — An HP-42S Simulator Program

Free42 is a Hewlett Packard 42S simulator program that runs on Windows, Pocket PC, Palm, and other computers. It is developed by Thomas Okken. We have written extensions to the program that allows Free42 to read and write Copan coordinate files.

  • Free42 makes your desktop or hand-held device look and feel like a real HP-42S

Free42 Features

  • Programs may be saved to files and reloaded easily; no need to re-key in programs.
  • Programs are compatible across systems. Run the same programs on all your Free42 platforms.
  • Calculator memory is only limited by your system. Virtually no limit on registers and matrices.
  • Fast performance.
  • Printer outputs to .tif or .txt file.
  • PC and Pocket PC versions can use standard keyboard and shortcuts.

Free42 Copan Extensions

We have added programming commands to Free42 to enable program access to Copan coordinate files. This allows you to write HP-42S programs to manipulate Copan points.