Installing Copan for Mobile/Pocket PC

1. Request a software key
Request a software key from Copan Mob-PPC Key Request. An eight character password will be e-mailed to you. You should receive it within a few seconds. Meanwhile...

2. Download the .CAB file
Download the appropriate copaninstall file: If your download tool happens to strip off the ".CAB" extension from the copaninstallMob6.Arm.CAB or copaninstall2003.Arm.CAB filename, be sure to add it back before you use it. (You may need to change the "show file extensions" setting in your folder browser.)

3. Place the .CAB file on your hand-held device
Copy the .CAB file to your hand-held device. You can use ActiveSync to link the device to your Internet-connected computer and then copy the file to your device. The .CAB file can be placed in the My Device subdirectory.

4. Install Copan for Mobile or Pocket PC on your hand-held device
Run File Explorer on your hand-held device: Find copaninstallMob6.Arm.CAB or copaninstall2003.Arm.CAB on your device and click on it. This will start the installation process. You may install Copan to main memory or to a memory card. A subdirectory, Copan, will be created in your Program Files directory and two files, Copan.exe and Copankey.dat, will be copied to it.

5. Activate Copan
The first time Copan is run, you will be presented with a Disclaimer which you must accept in order to activate Copan. When requested, enter the eight character password that was included in the email. If activation is successful, you will have access to all the software functions.

6. Download the Copan User Manual
Download the Copan for Mobile-PocketPC Manual and familiarize yourself with the operation of the software.