Copan for Mobile/Pocket PC

Copan Mobile or Pocket PC is a very useful hand-held geomatics engineering tool for computing and managing plane land survey coordinates.

While there is no fee for using Copan Mobile/PPC, to unlock it you must request a key. Once you install and agree to the conditions of use, the license won't expire.


  • Executes numerous coordinate geometry (COGO) operations.
  • Processes and adjusts field survey data.
  • Computes curve data.
  • Performs map/deed closure checks.
  • Calculates lot/parcel areas and perimeters.
  • Handles coordinate transformations.
  • Imports and exports Ascii files.
  • Allows both quadrant and full-circle bearings.
  • Supports gons (grads) or degrees-minutes-seconds.
  • Encompasses GPS positioning and navigation functions.

Coordinates may be saved to the hand-held device's memory card or to a removable memory card. The device's coordinate files are directly compatible with the Windows desktop/laptop version of Copan.

Designed for land surveyors, geodetic engineers, civil engineers, professionals and students, Copan for Mobile/Pocket PC is available for download, completely free of charge!