Copan FM

Copan FM is a user-friendly utilities GIS tool—or automated mapping / facilities management (AM/FM) system—for mapping and modelling utility networks. Such networks include any infrastructure of interconnected devices that are to be modelled and mapped:

  • electrical distribution circuits,
  • electrical transmission systems,
  • municipal sewer networks,
  • municipal water distribution networks,
  • oil or gas distribution systems, and
  • cable TV or fibre optic networks.

Copan FM is not restricted to networked facilites; it can be used for inventorying any group of municipal or institutional geographic assets, such as street furniture, signage and trees.


  • Builds a model of networked facilities in a single file.
  • Enables representations of numerous different kinds of devices and connections.
  • Connects with GPS receivers for real-time positioning.
  • Encompasses many capabilities of Copan Pro+DWG:
    • Includes numerous drawing and labelling tools.
    • Reads and writes Copan coodinate files and drawings directly.
  • Imports/exports data to/from other systems: AutoCAD, MicroStation, GE Smallworld, ArcGIS, IBM GFIS, DB/2, etc.
  • Works on Windows — 98, NT, 2K, ME, XP, Vista, Win7 (32-bit or 64-bit architectures) — desktop, netbook or tablet computers.


As field inventory professionals, Underhill has used Copan FM on a number of its own projects. Additionally, we have provided customized systems built on the technology to utilities, local governments, field inventory consultants and AM/FM/GIS consultants. See our Software Development and Computation and CAD Mapping services for examples.


We will fully customize Copan FM to your organization's unique specifications.

See Copan FM–Electric, for example. It is a downloadable, working demo of Copan FM, specialized for mapping and tracing electrical distribution circuits.

Please contact us to discuss our customization of Copan FM for you.