Copan FM–Electric

Copan FM–Electric is a working demo of Copan FM specialized for mapping and modelling electrical utility networks, such as overhead transmission systems or local distribution systems.

Although not all the features and options of Copan FM have been included, there's sufficient functionality to demonstrate its key features.

While there is no fee for using Copan FM–Electric, to unlock it you must request a key. Once you install and agree to the conditions of use, the license won't expire.


  • Encompasses many capabilities of Copan FM:
    • Stores device locations, graphics, attributes and connectivity.
    • Includes drawing and labelling tools.
    • Reads and writes Copan coodinate files and drawings.
  • Contains numerous electrical distribution circuit devices:
    • substation
    • pole
    • transformer
    • primary conductor
    • primary fuse
    • primary switch
    • primary cut
    • primary jumper
    • primary riser
    • capacitor
    • secondary conductor
    • secondary cut
    • secondary jumper
    • secondary riser
    • service conductor
    • customer meter
  • Includes other useful tools: Circuit Trace, Move Pole (and attached facilities), and Quality Control.


We will fully customize Copan FM–Electric to your organization's unique specifications.

Please contact us to discuss our customization of Copan FM–Electric for you.