Online Map Check and Area Calculator

Use this online calculator to check the closure of plan bearings and distances. Quadrant bearings may be used. The area of the parcel is also computed.

You may include circular curves in the parcel boundary. Curves are defined by traversing along the radials into the curve centre from the beginning of curve (BC) point and then from the curve centre out to the end of curve (EC) point.

Each line of data consists of: Azimuth Distance PointType.

Use the following for PointType:

  • Corner - This is default if no PointType entered.
  • BC - Beginning of Curve
  • C - Centre of clockwise curve
  • CC - Centre of Counter-clockwise curve
  • POC - Point On Compound curve
  • EC - End of Curve

For example, an azimuth of 345 degrees 37 minutes 54 seconds and distance of 132.323 to a corner:

345.3754 132.323 Corner
N14.2206W 132.323 Corner

Defining Start Point. If you wish to show calculated coordinates based on a specific start point, define your start point in a line before any azimuth/distance data using this format:

ptnumber northing easting START

For example: 100 5400000 480000 START

Closing On A Defined Point. If you wish to check a traverse that closes on a specified point that is not the start point, define the closing point before the last line of the data. Use this format:

ptnumber northing easting END

For example: 101 5420000 481000 END

If you wish to add a title to the page displaying the calculated results, you may do so by entering your title as the first data line, with the the asterisk character (*) as the very first character in the line. Text following the asterisk will be displayed as the title.

Enter your boundary data in the above big box, and click Calculate.